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Activities to accompany The Secret Lives of Sgt. John Wilson by Lois Simmie prepared by John McPhail Outlook High School Table of Contents (Activities to accompany The Secret Lives of Sgt. John Wilson)
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kaylz have been told but none like this a true story of love and murder happening in the prairies of Saskatchewan meet the beloved Polly and her smitten and my urge on encountering one another at work led to their courtship and after three years their marriage On January 1st 1908 three miles from Karr Luke laid their new home which welcomed the birth of their first child George in May of 1909 after a few years of living their simple life in attempt to flee is first publicly known scandal John had bought a ticket to Saskatoon on July of 1912 he set sail for his messages to his current lover were as lengthy as they were passionate as he described Saskatoon and his new life as a bridge builder that October though Polly gave birth to their second child Ella as she was pregnant when her husband left it was a frightening birth as Polly nearly died and she knew that John was not by her side due to high living costs in Saskatoon and John decided to move about an hour north to a town called Prince Albert it was here that John attempted to be a tomato farmer though much to his dismay one swift hailstorm destroyed his crops leaving him even more broke than ever before on August 4th of 1914 it was announced that war was declared and while John wanted to go he was unable to join due to his weak lungs on the other hand it was not such an ill fate after all as he was promptly enlisted into the Royal Northwest Mounted Police that same month after months of all around training John was sent to Blaine Lake where which is where he met his most infatuated love Jessie Paterson John being the sweet talker he is had Jessie in love even the rumors about John's wife circulated in order to cover up which is what he does best he told the town that Polly was dead in summer of 1917 John was diagnosed with tuberculosis yet that did not stop Jessie from being around John in fact his sickness is what heightened their relationship as she took care of him throughout that time while their love blossom the community between Paulie and John twin deled back in Scotland a worried Polly who hadn't seen her husband in years decided to go to Canada to look for John pawn her arrival she called John easily enough as he was a quite well known RCMP after receiving her message and picking her up John was harsh and cold to Polly he kept her hidden from sight and spun more lies to both women who were unbeknownst to one another with plans to marry Jessy John decided he needed to terminate Polly's presence even though she was pregnant with their third child who had been conceived after her arrival in Canada the deed was done while in his vehicle John told Paulie he was going to hunt some geese with his gun he aimed and shot at the poor unsuspecting Polly he shot her right in the head such a terrible and cruel act family back in Scotland knew it was unlike Pauline to not write back home months after with investigation surrounding the incidents it was uncovered that John really was the...